Also doesn’t count potions. After I pick up all rewards, the new ones don’t appear in “Potions Bonus”


Since the update I experienced this bug a couple of times when fighting the AI. Game somehow freezes and all monsters, friends and foes alike, continuesly get pushed back to 400 tu.

In this particular case, the bug occured after the fire version of rexotyrant (forgot the name) killed itself with sudden death, followed by a switch friend of jackal. Before I had used one on one.

Never had this issue before the update. Pretty annoying when doing dungeon challenge…


i hatched one pack but it not gonna to open!! i mean it seems frozen but the background still is moving

what should i do?i already tried to clear my data and used my code 4-5 times on different devices but still it the same pic
is there anything wrong?


1: You are in the Hunter Island discussion, and this is Neo Monsters.

2: I am pretty sure your roll is predetermined when you open the egg (and you get the monster immediately). Ask in the Neo Monsters bug section if not sure


I played in the monster hunting section the event, which lets you collect the starter items. I beat it but I didn’t get the yellow bunny one (it evolved to Galvebane I guess). Please fix this bug


You’re not guaranteed to get it each time. It says in the game the chance… I believe it is 60%.

Also, please do not write in the Hunter Island forum by accident. Make sure you select a bugs thread that is for Neo Monsters.