Buff Adverse Strike

So I’ve been using Grizzleguard quite a lot recently and the damage on adverse strike even with 1 hp left is quite pathetic. It’s 1hp use of the move does damage that is about on the level of a critical non full hp confident strike. It’s should do as much damage as confident strike with full hp.

or you could simply give it desperate strike

Why not give it desperate bite if we’re changing him? It kinda seems like it would make him more useful, since his main killing move is double blood crave which requires health :joy: plus I never see him in any teams, pve or PvP.


If HP is below 5% then adverse strike does more damage than a full HP confident strike I believe. However, Grizzleguard’s attack stat is low. I think it one-shots most monsters, but not the tanky ones.

I think the move would be fine on other monsters. However, Grizzleguard would probably do better with a more powerful attack.

Maybe bloodfury/bloodthirst instead of bloodcrave since he typically has to be at hg to even get a kill :wink: