Blue Cub Issue?

I searched through the FAQ to make sure this hadn’t been posted elsewhere, but I am sorry if a similar question was posted and I missed it.

I purchased the game two days ago, got the blue cub on that save file but quickly realized I wanted to do a few things differently after understanding the game a little better. I started a second file, and of course found out I could only get the blue cub once. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, and of course all of my previous save data was gone and I started a new file. However, the blue cub reward doesn’t even show up with the freebies and newbies. 

Is this a glitch? I’d rather not start over but I’m not too terribly far along yet and I could do it over one more time. 

Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately the promotion has ended. So, no more blue clubs unless from the gold eggs.

Aww man, guess I shouldn’t have deleted the old account then… thanks for the help.

Never mind.