Black Sun Tower Showdown 12th Floor

Yeah floor 11 final fight I have met lector three times now

I met beritus multiple times floor 12, the only time I beat him was my last battle to complete the floor sleep seems the best way to go in the tower for me, black sun hasn’t got a counter to a sleep lock but beritus has

12th floor with only 1 badge to go. Skipped red warnings knowing that is too rigged. No doors without any warning, talk about rigged crappie at the end… Thought white warning didn’t reset, it does. Last badge to go is so rigged. This game is pathetic l.

Don’t play it then.

Red warning just has a higher chance to meet a NPC, and I didn’t meet NPCs several times in red warning doors.

Does anyone have a good counter to beritus? Front lines mean almost nothing because of his buffed deo’s quick charge

Midgame SS

im kinda thinking about throwing four death revenges up front, but it’s a gamble if I face some other team

I knocked his Deo back. Found the last floor easier than previous ones. Rex hits a nice sudden death and you’re all set.

Solblaze together with Lunartic are really annoying.

Ss makes black sun sad too.