Best PVE start up team?

This is mainly for online missions and infinite dungeon. The goal is to finish the battles as quickly as possible.

I personally prefer Arks that have no elemental weaknesses (in terms of attack), which are Holy and Elementless.

I am thinking about the following:

(1) 3 x Holy + item to boost holy stats

Which holy Ark has the most damaging AOE? Angelon? I am very bad at eggs so I am not considering egg-only Arks.

(2) 3 x Elementless

Arkwing and Omegawyrm. But not sure about the third one. Nilo (final evolve form)? Or farm another Omegawyrm? LOL

Are there any items to boost Elementless stats?

Do you think (1) or (2) will be superior to fulfill this goal?

Any other thoughts?


3x Frillzeon. 1400 damage +150%, attacks all enemies. Use three times, boom. I crush Infinite Dungeon teams easily.

How do you get Frillzeon?

Egg only if I recall correctly.

Sigh. You must be very lucky to get 3!

Shall we keep this discussion to collectable-only please? So that normal players (or unlucky players) like me can be benefited from this discussion.

If it’s for the infinite dungeon, definately get yourself a Metallo/metallodious. Its escape ability basically frees you from any battle in 1 turn

In-game strategies…uhh…let’s see…


…idk, get a bunch of omegawyrm? xD

At least until the good OM come out.