Arkadion Collection


Hey everybody!

So I know there is work being done on a datasheet of all the Arkadions in the game and information on them, but I was thinking it would be useful to get images of each Arkadion too. These could be used alongside the information already gathered in the datasheet and also would be very handy for those making images for the Monster Mash-Up game which will be starting back up once the game is released and the forum starts getting real active :slight_smile:

Does anyone have ideas on how would be best to go about this? If so, please let me know and we can arrange as a group how best to go about it.



Probably one of the best ways to get the images is to grab them from what has been posted on Facebook.  Those are large and closeup, high resolution images.  I would somehow make a tiny icon sized image of it maybe to go right in the list. And then link that to the full size.  When the list goes up all wiki style, I think it will look more like the Dragon Island Blue wiki.  As a reference. 

Ermmm…or we could continue what was started here?


Ah ! I wasn’t aware this was already a thing, my bad!


No bad.  I wasn’t aware it was a thing either until I went and did a quick search.  turns out somebody started a monster list with some of the Arkadions already shown to the public.

I took a stab at updating that but quickly realized it would be a nightmare unless we come to some sort of agreement on format.  Might has well discuss that here.  

I’m going to bullet point some thoughts:

  • We already have a huge table in google docs that has the released monsters just no pictures.
  • I am not that great a web editor but using the wiki edit page it seemed easiest to just copy the google doc table as a whole section rather than cut and paste pieces at a time.  I didn’t go further down that because beyond the starters I’m not sure what’s been made public.  
  • In light of the above 2 points, we should be proactive and define how the wiki tables will be set up for us to most easily transfer the data a week or two after release.  Maybe put the first 50 creatures on there immediately to show the format desired.  Since I think those have images and names already on Facebook.  Then we won’t have other editors come along with good intentions and edit what’s already there which is incomplete, misnumbered and out of order.  Looking at the DIB page, the table is broken into sections of 50.  Seems reasonable except that some evolution families would be split across tables.  Maybe flex it to 48-52 in size. 
  • If anyone has better wiki editing skillz than me, please give input and educate me.  At a guess there may simply be a better tool to edit the HTML and then place that into the wiki.  I don’t know.  But others probably have more time to devote to the editing than I do.  
  • An alternative is to just open up the Google doc to all after a few weeks.  Link to it from the wiki.  This would be ok, but the DIB wiki looks really nice to me with everything all on the wiki and was to sort or filter the monsters you see.  


Shen managed to give me all the source image files for the monsters. After the game is released for a few weeks (and if we get permission from the devs) we can give out some of the starting area monsters for the Mashup.


There are more i need to give you if that’s the plan, as more have been added since then, quite a few actually…


I would cry if I had all the image data.


Would you like it?


They’d be tears of ecstasy, yes. But other than making banners (which I don’t have the permission to do) I have no use for it other than eye candy


I’ll PM anybody who requests it a link, obviously beta testers only, no distributing these guys, I can only give them to you because it is just as easy for me to tell you how to get them yourself, but it’s just slightly easier for me to “hand them to you”


I would prefer that we did Wiki. That would be better than keeping it as a google doc


Then I will request them, if that’s alright with everyone. If it’s disallowed then I understand.


I will send them out as soon as testflight allows me to get the game again so I can get the new pics.


Great, thanks a bunch Shen!


Id appreciate them as well


sorry, double post


Okay so, format for the collection:

I think they should definitely be on the wiki, keeping it exclusive to docs makes it a bit more awkward.

Blocks of 50 monsters would work generally but exceptions could be made every now and then if it means an evolution party gets cut off so maybe extend that list by a couple of monsters or decrease it and leave them for the next table. You want it to be uniform, but function comes before form to a degree.

I agree the standard should be set early so that everything is standard and organized and easy to navigate.

What would be nice is if the list gave you a brief overview of the monster list in this format:

#xxx | Image | Arkadion Name | Stars | Element Type | Monster Type | Rarity

You could then click the Arkadion and it links you to another page on that Arkadion specifically with further information on it such as where to find it, when it evolves, it’s attacks and stats along with its evolution line. There could also be a notes section for some monsters to clarify if they were only available in online missions and such.


If anybody catches Ryan, please tell him to Skype me the latest build.