Ares is still at large

I’m not sure if this has been called to the devs’s attention yet, but there is a player named Ares, along with someone else whose name I don’t remember, who is hacking the game to get wins. He was present 2 exhibitions ago I think, honestly not sure how he’s still around. The way he does it is, if the battle is going poorly, he somehow freezes the game, so it looks like he’s deciding on his move, but it just sits there and nothing happens. I suspect he has a way of overriding the move timer, so he can wait as long as he wants. Obviously this is unacceptable, you should find and ban him if you can.

This is the screen it got stuck on. As you can see, he’s about to have a mighty rough ride, so naturally he decided to go out the cheap way.

The other hacker is pax. Everytime I fight him, game freezes forever.

Ran into him myself this morning, twice. I wondered if that was what happened. I asked if that was possible two pvp’s ago and was assured by multiple people that situation couldn’t happen. I had the game continue to run as I wasn’t going to give up as I was ding well in stats and wanted to get the 60 wins. Luckily the loss didn’t effect the outcome and I pulled through, by my questioning statement was if he could sit and wait, he better tuck in and be ready to sit for the long haul. Another thing the army taught me was patience through absolute boredom and that I could sit and stare at the desert quite literally for months and months, with the occasional excitement of people living in the desert letting us know we were not very welcome by trying to give us presents of many differing sizes of metal coming at us from the ground and air at extremely fast velocity. A lot to write for no reason but at the time I was staring at my phone aggressively. Unfortunately I received bad advice or he would have been in for a long day. Phone was on the charger and I hate to lose when people cheat.

Same here. He froze the game on me as well…

Some players did the same thing to me.

This is by far one of the most undignified way to win. Just like what happened in pokemon worlds 2016. Those matches were nightmare.

he did not freeze against me. If you wait out a match a few times he will figure out that he’s gonna auto lose if he freezes so he’ll try to battle and fail cause his team is terrible lol

You’ve talked to the devs during the last PvP about this, what was their reaction?

Currently happening. No benefit to it. If anyone can offer insight about poison and if it stays because of cheating or if it is glitching. Someone posted that if poison goes away it is either definitely a glitch or definitely a cheater. Can’t remember which and can’t find it. If it is a glitch I will just reboot, if it isn’t, I can’t give this (insert bad word of choice) the satisfaction of backing out. Please help as I am on the fence and can’t tell which it is, glitch or cheater. I am still poisoned, it has not disappeared from my mons.
I really don’t think the game is frozen. While watching the same screen I got the message saying my tickets were now at max. If frozen it wouldn’t let me know that, it would be frozen and not be able to tell me that as the information traveling from server to phone isn’t traveling, thus a freeze due to data. It would not send me data about tickets, or wouldn’t be communicating and the message would come when communication is reconnected with a reboot. Be ready for a long night sucker. I often operate with little to no sleep. Good luck trying to do the same.