Are there any equivalents to Blademaster yet?

Just curious? He was among my favorite fighters in DIB, here’s the link if anyone doesn’t know the reference

I loved that muramasa kept kill count outside of battle. Loving the game so far thoughj!!!

All the wyrms (i think) have Vengeance, which deals a certain damage plus 15% per defeated ally in battle. It’s not the same thing but it’s kind of similar.

They removed that because of how over powered it was, there is Nothing like it in hunter island.

There really should not be an ability that carries damage from one battle to the next, as was the case in Dragon Island. This is far too overpowered, and it makes the game too easy.

I do agree with the easymode abilities should not be in the game, but man did i love that guy!  I have seen the added incriment damage abilities and got supper excited the first time… then i realized it didn’t carry over lol. Thanks for the replies everyone!!!

Carryover from battle to battle only works for single player but there are Sabreshark and Hammertooth which both amass kills which boosts Soul Eater.  Neither one is a tank, so it’s a challenge keeping them alive while they build up their percentage.  And as such, neither one works well in PVP.  

They do have the soulstealer but it doesn’t carryover from battle to battle sadly =( (at least the hammertooth not sure about the sabreshark)

No, they don’t carry over. They shouldn’t, anyway. If they do, that’s a bug. It doesn’t make sense to have damage carry over. 

Ok, maybe that was changed during beta.  It used to carry over.  

I spoke with Ryan about that. He said that he would change it, so I assume he did.

I would say it has been implemented correctly currently Ashley. It is not carrying over, verified again. Glad to have gotten the reponses to this thread as quickly as i did. Loving the community here!

Well, Last Stand and Time Strike are ridiculously powerful moves in my opinion. 

That isn’t very relevant to the topic, but since we’re discussing good moves now, I suppose it’s ok. :o

As the OP of this thread I approve this message!

I love minespider for his time bomb, feel like a bit more proactive version of time strike. But i do love chopperbug,chopperbug, chopperbug getting whiped and leading into chopperbug, raijin,minespider (or goldhorn,raijin, minespider). Just feels way to fun!

Hm… really?

I’m not sure…

I used polymorph on my meowzard and when I looked at my party there was this orange cat/wolf thing.

it was 10 stars.

It was a move that did 35-42 damage at first and then increased each time it killed a monster in battle.

There is an ability called soul eater currently in game, but it does reset each completely new battle. But while in battle each kill you get with the creature does increase the damage for that set of creatures. Still nice to use on large packs of creatures but you have to start all over each new battle.

I personally like one ability that increases… each time you use 100 TU.

That’s going to be some ridiculous damage later on, ESPECIALLY if you have a tank taking up all the damage. And a healer.

Survivor. Yeah, good ability. I haven’t been able to adequately test it, though, as the monster that uses it always manages to die. 

I’ve used it many times. I love it. It must be one of my favorite skills, if not my first.

Spikey had that in DIB.

I liked it :smiley:

Which ARK’s have that? I thought ya’ll were referencing Bearfist but his is “survival” and quite a bit different, im curious if i have an ARK with this ability already