Are any of these monsters good start?

My main or strongest monsters are tezladrake/ventowyrm/chronic (does everyone start with this guy?)/ and mechaling…only been playing maybe 4 or 5 days…
*ment chronox ,stupid auto correct. Please help if you can and direction I should be going. Like what would you have done first if you started over and had all the knowledge in the beginning. A lot going on and not sure what or where to focus on first. Thanks in advance for helping.

Yup, everyone start with chrono, ventowyrm is probably the best for you have at the moment

Mechaling’s also great, he’s going to be your pest control basically. Evolve him and he’ll be able to kill sleepers too.

Might sound weird but I would focus on tesla first. The reason being that chronox is by far the best sweeper you’ll have access to until you get hold of some legendaries, and it’ll allow you to do the online side quests to get some solid epics and gems to improve your monster base