Anyone knows how long takes a new festival?

Thats my question, does them have a pattern based on a specific number of days or is it entirely random?

From what ive seen its on holidays generally. Im fairly new only been playing for 33 days

big holidays or sometimes theres just festivals from nowhere after long time no festival

If your new u may wanna try n get Novadrake from this offer. It’s really good and only needs a healer and tank to sweep an entire opponent

Pff, i’ve been playing more or less the same as you, but i just own 43 gems and dont think i would be “rolling on the gems” for a long time if i spend these now :pleading_face:

But ty for the advice, i will take in mind

yea if your free to play then don’t use your 43 gems on this event. you wanna use gems on the 25% legendary chance then

Is there a 25% legendaries chance festival?? :flushed::flushed: Wow

yes there the holiday festivals. 4% mythic also

No it’s 1% for mythics and 6.1% for legendaries.

not for this past easter event, positive it was 25% legendary and 6% legendary. possible im wrong but don’t think I am


The odds for festivals are always the same. There’s a 1% chance for mythics and 6.1% chance for legendaries.

I don’t think for this past easter festival. unless im confusing that with the beginner festival that was happening at the same time when I started

The highest chance we have for legends is during festivals at 6.1 percent. That’s all it’s ever been.

oh ok then my mistake. I did think the beginner festival when you first start the game was 25%.