Anyone here into Animal Crossing?

Title says it all! Who like the game and does anyone have new leaf?

I used to have it on my DS, but then I sold it and got a PSP Go. I haven’t tried any of the new ones, but I really liked Animal Crossing, however, I never really got the game plot :confused:

There is no plot. You are a slave to Tom nook until you fully pay of you house then you find crap to decorate it with. And make a very invalid attempt to catch all fish and bugs and dig up all the fossils and try to circumnavigate reds false art shops to get the art to donate 90% of it deemed fake. It is a truly cruel yet highly amusing game!

There’s not enough story and gameplay in it for me, I find it very boring. It’s just not my type of game :confused:

I like it a lot. It is a game that I don’t have to devote a lot of time to and can play casually. And yes I do play new leaf. :) 

Well then nice to meet you kit.

I played it at on my friends DS, pretty fun!

The thing that really ticks my clock is the fact I have to pluck a near infinite amount of weeds when I leave it for a week >:/

with new leaf you become mayor and you can buy this special town ordinance that causes weeds not to grow and flowers not to have to be watered. i havent had but one weed in 2 weeks!

Used to play it quite some time ago. Haven’t played consoles in a long time, though. I did enjoy the game when I played it. (The ones I did play).

Well I have the new one and if anyone wants to play together let me know!

. Why do I think it will just be me and you

Because it will!