Anyone else

I keep trying to battle and when I click to search it atomatically exits out just wondering if it’s happening to anyone else

Yeah, this is happening to me too! Really annoying! I’m hoping it’s because they’re trying to put the new mission up!

Does it happen immediately or after, say, 30 seconds has passed? 

Happen right after you click search

Immediately, and my mate who is with me is fine. I also can’t battle him either!

Is it a glitch or something else cause I still can’t play PVP does anyone know how to fix this

yep it doesn’t work for me too… probably a small bug

It’s time for an update


I’m on ios 7

Anyone know when the next update coming out

Next update is under review by apple if I have my facts strait.

Same prob with me. So ur not supposed to be waiting in the world map for your pvp match?
Do online missions cost tickets? Just wondering cause mines always on 60

Yes, in fact. They are… get ready for it…

/dramatic drumroll


yeah I know right? Haha. Those 60/60 tickets you see are the tickets that are waiting for you to claim them. You should have another box that tells you how many tickets you have currently. 

I see thanks for the reply.
I jz started a new game and it lets me do online missions and i havent bought any tickets. Do tickets roll over from other saves? Im not complaining on that part but pvp dosnt work still and that 60/60 redemption thing is still there sayin i cant unless less than 60 tickets. What does the button next to the tickets in the bottom left of the screen do? The one under the daimond with a number of the same size. It says 0 next to diamonds and figured i havent earned any but 442 in box next to ticket. Is that how many i have? Since i havent bought any on this save and only bought that 60 once from the shop on my main save do they give tickets for quests or stuff during reg gameplay? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your time if able to reply. L8r

Yes, those are your tickets. I think you are given 500 tickets for each savefile you start.

I don’t think purchases are across saves. If you buy, say, 5k gold on savefile one, savefile two will not have 5k gold.

I get it now. Thanks alot for your time friend. When i purchased gold on 1 save it did go to all my saves tho thats why i was wondering if it worked with the tickets. It was even like that in dragon island with the gold. So a tip is to start a game in all slots before you buy gold to get maximum effect. Thanks again… L8

Not a problem! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. ^^

So i was reading that it kicks you out of the pvp search if it dosnt find anyone to battle? Does that mean its not working for me cause there is no one in my area playing? Cause i can believe that based on my area. Anyone kno how wide is the search area?

There’s a glitch that kicks you out of PvP immediately. If you have to wait 30 seconds or so before you are kicked out, that means there are no players searching.

I don’t think the search area is not limited to your neighborhood. Or your country. Or even your continent. It should be effective around the world. So basically no opponents = no people playing PvP across the world, in the same league, at the same time as you.

I’m not sure about this though, because HI didn’t ask me for my location.