Ankou or Shiny Bunkerbeast?

Hi everyone. I’m very close to getting 12 tickets. I already have a lot of the monsters from the shop and a lot of legendaries, so I don’t really need any specific monster. I was planning on buying Ankoudragon, but now Bunkerbeast (S) is on the limited shop. I heard that shiny Bunkerbeast is worse than the regular one, but I don’t have the regular one. Between Ankou and Shiny Bunkerbeast, which do you think I should buy?

None, wait for something better.


Well dusi , and the tiger are very good choice rather than ankou or shiny bunker.
Moreover there are some superepics which are better than a lot of legends in the shop dual dragon is one of my favourites now bought him in previous ranked rather than dusi.
Waiting for some time might be a good choice as well. Hanzowolf , shiny tridakhan were really good .


I think you’re better off waiting too. Patience will pay off

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Using 10 tickets buy a blue fish. Believe me,you never regret the decision you made today.:upside_down_face:

blue fish is no longer available. Check the store, now buffalo is added

Id say keep the tickets for legs that are only available in shop

How about the T-rex with the agressive entrance or the guy with necromancy , i am going to have 12 tickets soon and i soon and i dont klnow who to purchase

Of the two, go for Atrahasis 100%, he’s invaluable in PvE


Tjats for sure but after that keep for gd limited

I really like Ankara, but you would have to be an IDIOT to try to run stealth with all the poison running around

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This is very true!

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