Adding New Monsters: What skill combinations should they have?


So I have about 30 more rare monsters to be populated. These arent exactly super strong monsters (6star ~ 9star) but I want them to be really strategically important.

What 4 skill combinations would you like to see in the game that might be good strategy wise?


All Guard

Angelic Wind

Attack Magic Up All

Attack Up All

Attack/Defense Up All

Beast Hunter 1

Beast Hunter 2

Beast Hunter 3

Beast Hunter 4

Beast Hunter 5

Beast Hunter 6

Beast Hunter 7

Berserk Attack

Bird Hunter (Magic) 1

Bird Hunter (Magic) 2

Bird Hunter (Magic) 3

Bird Hunter (Magic) 4

Bird Hunter (Magic) 5

Bird Hunter (Magic) 6

Bird Hunter (Magic) 7


Call to Air

Call to Earth

Call to Fire

Call to Holy

Call to Water


Defense Up All

Defense Up Self

Desperate Lullaby


Double Magic 1

Double Magic 2

Double Magic 3

Double Magic 4

Double Magic 5

Double Magic 6

Double Magic 7

Double Poison 1

Double Poison 2

Double Poison 3

Double Poison 4

Double Poison 5

Double Poison 6

Double Poison 7

Double Regular 1

Double Regular 2

Double Regular 3

Double Regular 4

Double Regular 5

Double Regular 6

Double Regular 7

Dragon Slayer 1

Dragon Slayer 1

Dragon Slayer 2

Dragon Slayer 2

Dragon Slayer 3

Dragon Slayer 3

Dragon Slayer 4

Dragon Slayer 4

Dragon Slayer 5

Dragon Slayer 5

Dragon Slayer 6

Dragon Slayer 6

Dragon Slayer 7

Dragon Slayer 7

Dream Hunt

Echo Magic 1

Echo Magic 2

Echo Magic 3

Echo Magic 4

Echo Magic 5

Echo Magic 6

Echo Magic 7

Elemental Barrier (Arcane

Elemental Barrier (earth)

Elemental Barrier (fire)

Elemental Barrier (wind)

Elemental Chorus 1

Elemental Chorus 2

Elemental Chorus 3

Elemental Chorus 4

Elemental Chorus 5

Elemental Chorus 6

Elemental Chorus 7

Elemntal Barrier (water)


No Guard (magic)

Fish Eater 1

Fish Eater 2

Fish Eater 3

Fish Eater 4

Fish Eater 5

Fish Eater 6

Fish Eater 7

Fish Eater All 1

Fish Eater All 2

Fish Eater All 3

Fish Eater All 4

Fish Eater All 5

Fish Eater All 6

Fish Eater All 7

Flash Bomb

Haste All

Haste Self

Insect Killer 1

Insect Killer 2

Insect Killer 3

Insect Killer 4

Insect Killer 5

Insect Killer 6

Insect Killer 7


Life Inversion

Magic Absorption

Magic All 1

Magic All 2

Magic All 3

Magic All 4

Magic All 5

Magic All 6

Magic All 7

Magic Attak 1

Magic Attak 2

Magic Attak 3

Magic Attak 4

Magic Attak 5

Magic Attak 6

Magic Attak 7

Magic Up All

Magic Up Self

Magic/Resisstance Up All

Magical Chorus 1

Magical Chorus 1

Magical Chorus 2

Magical Chorus 2

Magical Chorus 3

Magical Chorus 3

Magical Chorus 4

Magical Chorus 4

Magical Chorus 5

Magical Chorus 5

Magical Chorus 6

Magical Chorus 6

Magical Chorus 7

Magical Chorus 7

Metal Cut 1

Metal Cut 2

Metal Cut 3

Metal Cut 4

Metal Cut 5

Metal Cut 6

Metal Cut 7

Multicolor Whiplash (magic)


No Guard

On Fire

Plant Eater 1

Plant Eater 2

Plant Eater 3

Plant Eater 4

Plant Eater 5

Plant Eater 6

Plant Eater 7

Poison All

Poison Attack 1

Poison Attack 2

Poison Attack 3

Poison Attack 4

Poison Attack 5

Poison Attack 6

Poison Attack 7

Poison Attack All

Poison Boon

Poison Gormet

Poison Slow All

Reckless Attack

Regular All 1

Regular All 2

Regular All 3

Regular All 4

Regular All 5

Regular All 6

Regular All 7

Regular Attack 1

Regular Attack 2

Regular Attack 3

Regular Attack 4

Regular Attack 5

Regular Attack 6

Regular Attack 7

Risky Heal

Resisit Down All

Resist Defense Down All

Resist Defesne Up All

Resistance Up All



Russian Roulette







Sleep All

Strength Absorption

Strike of the Pack

Stun Boon

Stun Magic 1

Stun Magic 2

Stun Magic 3

Stun Magic 4

Stun Magic 5

Stun Magic 6

Stun Magic 7

Stun Magic All 1

Stun Magic All 2

Stun Magic All 3

Stun Magic All 4

Stun Magic All 5

Stun Magic All 6

Stun Magic All 7


Time Shock


Russian Roulette


Passive Ablities:

Auto Scapegoat




Easy Target

Fang Breaker

Last Will

Reflect Damage

Savage Survivor


Stun on Death

Stun Skin

Toxic Spores


I apologize for the names being different from what they are in the game. I just pulled this from a list before all these skills had proper names :slight_smile: I yo have any questions please let me know. You can refer to skill names from the above list or from the actual game. I would recognize both. You could just describe it instead too if that works better.


Okay here are some possibilities:


Last Stand


Attack abilities (for damage)



Chain Attack

Ally attack



Risky Heal

Invert Life (Ability Spooker has)

Attack abilities

Passive: Charisma


Death Revenge: stun all enemies

Death Revenge: poison all enemies (damage over TU)

No Guard

Low damage, 50 TU attack


Passive: Survival


Attack Abilities

Death Revenge: stun all enemies


Sleep Gas (put all monsters to sleep)

(Perhaps make this monster gain stats (defense, attack, or whatever) when it receives a status ailment like sleep?)

~other stuff~

7 [Earth Type]

Fire Void

Call Earth

Ally Attack





~other stuff~



50 TU attacks (or low TU)



Soul Eater (+25% damage per enemy defeated)

100% vs beast

100% vs insect

100% vs bird

(or other combos)


Stun Gift

Venom Gift

(other gifts?)

Big Attack Ability


Sleep Gas




It’s a bit hard to come up with new strategies. You guys made the moves with a strategy in mind and then implemented those strategies. To come up with new strategies, we would need to be able to give ideas for new abilities :).

But those are some possibilities. I’ll add more later.


Ill add later when I have time away from family. It won’t be until Friday, though, just because family demands attention

Or I should say, Grandpa does because he’s the patriarch, blah, blah, blah.


I’m not familiar with enough of the monsters to give good input here.  

Is there an ability/attack that gets stronger the longer you last in battle.  Akin to what Asura had in DIB.  


Yes there is


How about a skill of a vampiric nature, that heals equivalent to the damage it deals?  Or maybe a vampiric shield that heals damage that is dealt to that monster to a certain limit and then dissipates.  

Is there a skill that confuses?  Not like in DIB where they just randomly don’t take their turn.  The effect this might have is that the opponent’s Arkadion uses a random ability rather than the one they choose.  This might not be a big deal in AI battles, where it’s probably random anyway, but in PvP this can sometimes strategically confound your opponent, when they try to wipe you out with a multi-attack, but cast Haste instead.  


Maybe a monster which boosts the stats of the ones it´s with. It´s tough, high hp, high def, but it can´t attack? A charisma like “attack”, but with a little higher stats, so even the weaker have a bit of a more use. Maybe a % based on how many stars it has so the 9+ won´t become immortal.


We can do absorption type skills but its a little dangerous to put in since its a risk free way to heal your monster, it could potentially be a problem in pvp.

I like berzerking opponent. That would make things fun :slight_smile:

Yeah I should be able to do that. Sounds like fun.


One thing I’m discovering in the Online mission:  While types that Guard are nice to protect your attackers, they are overwhelmed and made ineffective by so many monsters with Multi-Attack options.  Even without using duplicates, you can have a huge lineup with every monster using a potent Attack All.  It could be that I’m merely hitting the ceiling of what my team is capable of handling. I’m open to being educated here.  ;)   I like to think that as a beta tester, I represent the less Pro user than other testers.  

Anyway, to give Blockers/Guards a boost, could they get a skill that helps against Attack All?  Maybe I’m using the wrong ones and I should be using Guardian and then boosting Defense on all my team.  

Otherwise, the best strategy in PvP will continue to be POWER TEAM POWER TEAM POWER TEAM. ATTACK ALL ATTACK ALL ATTACK ALL.

Please correct any fallacies I have.


You want them to block All-attacks and take all the damage themselves? Not entirely a bad idea, but there are so many strong monsters in this game which would become too good alongside this kind of blocking. Though forcing a monster to use it´s All-attack makes them use up around 200+ TU just to be able to hit those next to your guardian, thus making them unable to attack for quite som time. So it´s still a good move all in all to just be able to block any single-hit attacks.


That’s true.  And maybe I need to figure out that strategy.  Put some throwaway types next to a Blocker so they get wasted, bringing up my heavy hitters to attack while the opponent is recovering TU.  


One thing you could do, though, is: in addition to the guardian monster using the guardian skill to take the hits, it could also reduce damage to ally monsters. Maybe reduce by 10% or 20% or some number. So it won’t stop attack all hits but it will reduce the damage somewhat. Because of the TU requirement, you wouldn’t want to reduce it TOO much.


I think the block attack ability is to protect a certain monster for the most part. Single attacks from the same level will likely kill most monsters with two hits, but with attack all it would take at least double that. That way the protected monster can probably act a few time more than if it came out without a guardian. Also, I can tone down on attack all skills if they ruin the fun too much.

I guess we’ll see how we feel about it once multiplayer starts up. Blocking and taking all the damage of an all attack would be too easy of a way to kill off the guradian (since if you add it all up the all attack is actually about 1.8 times more damge). Going more with Ashley’s idea, I could have those guardian monsters to have a passive ability to boost defense.


Yeah, what I’m noticing for example on Stegotops, is that it must have a great DEF score.  When I attack ALL against it, it takes a lot less damage than everyone else.  Man they’re hard to kill.  Then it turns around and does an attack all on me which takes out my guardian AND my other attackers.  

Ok, new idea.  Reflective damage which is a percentage of what you were hit by.  For balance it should likely be on a guardian that doesn’t have a strong attack.  Somewhere in the 10-30% range.  I’m not sure what would be balanced.  But the static damage that I’ve seen so far doesn’t really even scratch most high level monsters here.  But if they do 800 damage to me, but get 150 damage back, that would make a player think twice about using that nuke attack again.  


Possible new skill ideas:

  1. A passive skill that grants a bonus to Defense based on the amount of TU of the Arkadion, making it tougher at higher TUs. This will act as a meta strategy against powerful stun effects.

  2. A skill that turns the caster into a copy of a random enemy Arkadion (in party or in entire line-up) for the duration of the battle. 

  3. A skill that switches the caster with the last Arkadion in your line-up.

  4. A skill that deals a lot of damage to everyone but the caster, enemies and allies included. This may be interesting with Arkadions that have effects that trigger when defeated. 

  5. Passive skills that boost stats of Arkadions that share the same creature type, such as Ghosts, Birds, etc. 

Any thoughts?


Great ideas. Hope to see all of these in game :slight_smile:

Also, if you all want me to share some ideas for new moves, I have a whole bunch. I was told to wait until after the game was released, though!


Well, I guess why not :slight_smile: Some new ideas might even be doable without coding from scratch.