So can we be abrar? He’s hacking in pvp and it’s really annoying

Used null to double repulse,
Use blowback twice with the same malwing (the second time was basically sendback but It came up as blowback) and it was just ridiculous

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

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You mean ban him?

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Yeah his best Friend is Lunar…lunar play Hacked Accounts and now Abrar too…so i think…Abrar=Lunar

Bann this guy forever

Oh come on, you have any proof?

He hacked definetly

U are taking it serious now… i didnt use any hack… that was a glitch i think my mons were auto playing… cuz i lost my connection…

Lets devs investigate it… they know better … y would i destroy my own beloved acc my self. U guize get mad ??

No… You are lunar…and he was a hacker…so you are the same Person

You should stop that ■■■■ now, i dont belong to any lunar or any nudes… bla bla… u guizs should stop it

LOL. joke of the century

Your own beloved account you sold for nudes to a man?


Who told u i did !!! Am i mental ?? I am playing on my acc for 2 and half years… no one knows my code, ripper just spreading hate speech nothing else.

Best excuse so far

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If u cant bear losing plz stop playing NM… u dont deserve it tbh… once a loser always a loser.

I know no one believe me… so i put it on devs they know what to do…

:joy: auto play for pvp.thanks devs for that feautre​:+1::ok_hand:


See how they are planing to ban me…

Well let’s see if the devs can explain any of these “glitches”. They’re ones I’ve never seen nor heard of before so if the devs can explain it as a problem with the game, fine, you’re clean. If not well, have fun. No need to be afraid if you’re innocent