About User Lunar/Goodgamer !!!

We have a Big Problem with this Guy

LUNAR/GOODGAMER and iam sure he has much more names…Ask since Years for Accounts… stole Accounts…Hack Accounts and much more!!..Devs do something about this Idiot…bann it here and from the game!

Last time he create a New Account at Line… with a girl Name… write with Members…and send Pics (from a death girl) to get Free Account!!.. A poor Guy i gave him the name Abrar…get pics…and gave him/her(Lunar) his Account.And Now…R.I.P Abrars Account !!!

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(Edited to remove images of people)


Wow :joy::joy::joy::joy:

This is a serious issue, this can bring a bad reputation to the game. This person is pretending to be a girl (That is deceased in real life) and is exploiting and taking players accounts. I know this is the players fault for being foolish but something must be done about it. Devs please look into this @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC

He shouldn’t of been such a retard and gave someone his restore code

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@xWarlordx if I was a mod, I would take the side of the people and ban Godgamers IP address. Further, I would give a reason to ban him by citing written forum rules rather than just banning him because I can. Fairness in the exercise of power and consistency with the views of the community. My name is GaryOak and I endorse this message.


Goodgamer you sick ■■■ MF! You obviously did your research on the girl. Don’t claim you didn’t know she was dead when infact you said when you were in our clan that people would treat you differently obviously cause race and other reasons. (Can’t remember exact words but it was something down that line). You got issues dude we need to ban this guy permanently.

Action has been taken