3 Summoned Monsters

I was bating on Crescent Island and I kept battling Gargols to see what they what turn into and I saw three things I have never seen before. They were called; Golgem, Lavafang, and Mandrapod. Are they all egg-only? or not in the game yet? I took screenshots.
Here are the Monsters.

Mandrapod fuses into Mandaroot, it’s for a future event.

Golgem evolves into (or fuses into?) Golgemios, another future event monster.

And I am unsure about Lavafang. Maybe it evolves into something… 

Oh cool, thanks for the quick reply.

Actually, I think Lavafang evolves into Hydrablazer. It kinda has the same move set, or at least similar

Maybe it gets fused into it, because Hydrablazer doesn’t show any evolutions.

Well, hydra is an event monster and all the other have had fusions, so it only makes sense for it to fuse.

I want that fire snake 0.0

Looking forward to its release! :slight_smile: