2 devs: Sharing a savegame possible?

Hi there,

until now I’ve only been grabbing information on this forum. I’ve founds lots of really useful information, so big thanks for that.

My buddy came up with a great idea, but I don’t know if that’s okay, so I would love to have a comment by someone, who’s in touch with the devs.

To check who’s the better strategy-player, we had the idea of playing under the identical conditions, which means unsing the exact same arks.

Now you might say we’d need to catch those arks in both of our savegames, but the time factor in farming an S-ranked Omegawyrm for example wouldn’t be worth eveneing the odds. (Let’s assume I have one but he doesn’t).

So we thought about sharing a savegame which technically wouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. But now there is the question if there’s some kind of programm code, that would identify my buddy falsely as “hacker” (as he’s using my savegame) and ban him from onlinemode.

Is there anyone who could give me an answer?

Thx a lot!

p.s.: excuse my english, I’m from Germany!

Probably not

Probably not what? :smiley:

I’ve read a bit further - so to specify, I’m not talking about those savegames with millions of gold, I’m seriously talking of a normal savegame which is to be shared between 2 accounts.