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Neomonsters Youtube

Not a fan of starting too many threads so i’ll get straight to the point. To keep myself interested in Neo I have decided to make a channel dedicated to mainly pvp. Why? It’s 2019 and it seems like fun. If devs bring bac…

34 May 26, 2019
Discord server!

After using the Line app for a while, I noticed that it has a lot of shortcomings when it comes to managing a community. As a result, I took the liberty of creating a discord server. Due to the functionality of multiple…

5 December 23, 2018
What did you get from your Eggs? 2218 July 17, 2019
Outrageous 1 July 17, 2019
Random Things.... 153 July 17, 2019
I just got slaughtered by one of the coolest teams I've come across. Care to share some of your PvP stories? 2577 July 17, 2019
Community Tournament: The Beritus Argvel Trophy #1 COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK INSIDE! 277 July 17, 2019
Island Challenge Introduction 14 July 17, 2019
2018-2019 meme neo thread

We use to have a meme thread this all just for a laugh nothing here is meant to insult or hurt anyone and is all done just to have a laugh Please feel free to post some funny memes on neo etc or even your own art work …

294 July 17, 2019
Which 6* legendary? 15 July 17, 2019
Server D0wn 13 July 17, 2019
Team help please 11 July 16, 2019
IC 57 July 16, 2019
Chatting 16 July 16, 2019
es tan difícil quiero un 7 estrellas no tengo ni uno 3 July 16, 2019
I finally found out who invented stun lock 5 July 16, 2019
General Guidance for an Intermediate Player 30 July 16, 2019
Online Story Hell Mode 6 July 16, 2019
Share your PvP team and win rate 117 July 15, 2019
Can we please have these super epics featured in events at some point? 22 July 15, 2019
Fix for Azuraidos and Azrazel 41 July 15, 2019
As I kill maggatsuohsrfsk ... the one in the photo. 9 July 15, 2019
Help with dungeon challenge 6 July 15, 2019
DC should be reduced 21 July 15, 2019
3* new super epic forms 3 July 15, 2019
Make the shockers normal again 5 July 15, 2019
Help friends 4 July 14, 2019
Neo Monsters current tier list (KD's) 1849 July 14, 2019
Can we please have the auto protect rng removed?? 61 July 12, 2019
Suggestion add new PvP mode 3 July 11, 2019